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How to Improve Brain Power

How to Improve Brain Power

So you want to find out how to increase your brain power. That is good. Deciding to make a change is the first step. However, you must accept that it is the first of many and it will take motivation and perseverance to...
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How to Improve Memory

How to Improve Memory

Unless you have a photographic memory (which I doubt since if you did you wouldn't be reading on how to improve memory) you will find that you have trouble recalling things that at the time you thought was vital to...
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Power your Brain Today

Power your Brain Today

You have probably spent a lot of time looking around trying to find ways to enhance the power of your brain. Ideally you are looking for something free and full of value. Well, here go some tips to power your brain today: ...
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How to Increase Mind Power

How to Increase Mind Power

The following is true for many people: they think of their mental agility and efficiency as something of the past. While it may be true that the brain has most likely has lost its qualities to a certain extent due to complacency, ...
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Medicines to Improve Memory – A Guide to Making the Right Choice


The brain is considered to be a very complex organ of the body and it performs a whole lot of functions. Like for one, the memory. Memory is the power to be able to retain, store, as well as reproduce all necessary information when required. As a person gets old, there are changes happening in memory and the processing of information too. However, this decrease of memory may just be considered as a mild one so as not to come between the daily functioning of a person such as starting to forget names and dates. In order to be able to enhance one’s memory, an individual should participate in numerous healthy exercises such as yoga which truly helps in stimulating the brain. Other ways includes getting enough sleep, keeping one’s self free from stress, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and of course, eating healthy with foods that are high in vitamins B6, B12, C, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, as well as whole grains.
Some proven medicines or herbal remedies that can help in the improvement of memory are as follows:

Ginkgo Biloba

This herbal medicine seem to have the greatest and biggest impact when it comes to memory improvement. The effect it can provide involves the enhancement of blood flow all throughout the body and the brain as well. There have also been reports that Ginkgo Biloba helps people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. The leaves that are utilized in preparing this medicine is not usually raw, but rather, a ginkgo biloba extract which already has a standard formula.


This supplement is often used as a spice and if you have the chance to visit Mediterranean places, you will come to find this herb at every step you take. Rosemary is also known to be as the herb of remembrance and it contains a total of 24 antioxidants that whips free radicals.

Huperzine A

This is also known as Chinese club moss that is called as Huperzia Serrat and this natural made medicine often works in the very same way as any Alzheimer’s drugs out there. It works by increasing the levels of acetylcholine which is one of the chief neurotransmitters that are used for the brain, muscle and nerves communication.


Aside from improving the memory, this herb also acts as a great energy booster. Therefore, ginseng aids people to lower their levels of depression and stress which are also known causes for loss of memory. The Chinese have been utilizing this herb for more than 5000 years now and they have come up with the name ginseng from two words which mean “man plant” because of its resemblance to the human form. Buying the actual dried root can be the most economical way and these roots can be consumed in so many ways. The optimal dosage of this herb is either 2 or 3 grams a day.

Ginger Root

According to Arabian folklore, it has been claimed that ginger can enhance memory. Furthermore, it has also been used in traditional times as a perfect ingredient for cognitive improvement. Researchers also adds that daily intake of ginger, especially in high amounts can lead to the improvement of 4 primal functions of the brain: accuracy of attention, power of attention, quality and speed of memory.


This is a common plant that can be found present all over the world and in so many centuries, Hawthorn has been utilized to heighten cognitive function as well treat other ailments. To add to that, hawthorn is often used in alignment with Ginkgo Biloba. If frequently used, Hawthorn can become the best vitamins for memory improvement out there.
For those people who have just gone through experiencing the many signs and symptoms of memory loss, most probably because of aging or stress, the best treatment would always be the natural made, as well as prevention. Remember that natural memory supplements contain much lesser side effects compared to any regular memory enhancement medication out there. Memory boosters that are natural made can also bring about positive effects on the overall health condition of a person. Do not also forget to consult professional people like doctors because they are there to guide you every step of the way to reaching the success of improving your memory.

Brain power boosting exercises, habits and foundations

I like to compare improving brain power to getting in shape. These two forms of improvement are very similar in terms of the methods it takes to see results. We can divide these processes into two categories, the equivalent of foundations and bricks of a house.

The bricks are the elements that actively build up your brain power. This means habits and exercises.

When getting in shape, you can opt for taking the escalator or use the stairs. You can either get to work by can or cycling there. These choices or actions are constant small contributions which acustom our body to being prepared for use. The applies to brain training. Instead of Taking out your smartphone to divide the bill at a restaurant you can practice by doing it in your head. You can consciously pay more attention to details until it brcomes second nature.

In summary, constant little efforts that keep the brain working and training even subconciously.

These are short sessions of focused training. Like going to the gym or playing a sport to get fit, for the brain we can play brain stimulating games and do specific activities that train the brain such as testing the senses, creating memory palaces, etc.

The foundations are the elements that have to be in place to get the most out of the habits and exercises. Mainly these are a good diet and getting enough sleep.

For a house, the foundations are what make the bricks worth laying and ensure that it doesn’t collapse on itself. For us to get the most out of our brain improvement strategy, we need to ensure we eat right and get enough sleep as well as do the exercises and create/keep up the habits that boost the efficiency of the brain.

We must keep this in mind during all the posts regarding brain power training.

How to Increase Brain Power

Mind Stimulating Exercises
Making your brain work at solving problems is probably the most direct approach to brain training. It is the equivalent of going to the gym and lifting weights. Here are some examples of what you can do.

Play games / Solve puzzles
Pretty much any circumstance in which the brain is faces with a situation it cannot explain straight away, the body works at establishing the connections in the brain necessary to find a solution. You might already have guessed that chess is a well known game that challenges your capability to use rules to solve and ever changing problem. Sudoku is also becoming ever more popular, more than crosswords which are just as good. However, these are not the only entertaining games that will make your problem solving skills increase. There are sites out there (such as Lumosity.com) that have created a vast range of games designed specifically to boost your brain power.

You can also opt for games consoles which are constantly bringing up new games that are aimed at mind stimulation.

Become ambidexterous
As we grow up, repetition of using one hand over the other makes us feels more comfortable with that particular hand and at some point we no longer learn to use that hand and just do it naturally. However, if we were to suddenly start trying to take on some tasks with the less used hand, we would be challenging the brain anew, causing it to establish new connections between the neurons in order to improve its performance until it becomes just as natural.

Just as when you were a child, this will not improve overnight, but rest assured that after a week of using only your left hand for brushing your teeth, you will notice that you become less clumsy at it and though you might not realise it, this will reflect on other learning skills as well. Push yourself to do new tasks with your less favoured hand or foot and you will be doing your brain a favour by making it work.

Mix things up
Your senses are also a great way to improve your mind power. If you only present them with the same stimuli, the brain no longer has to work as hard to identify and categorise them. On the other hand, if you were to eat new foods, drink other drinks (tasting wines, etc.), experience new smells and so on, you will not only greatly benefit the performance of your brain, but you might also discover your next favourite dish.

Mind mapping
any new task that you might take on will doubtlessly start as a huge cloud of mixed up concepts and ideas that need to be ordered so that they can be applied. A very good method for doing this is to create a mind map which breaks down all these ideas and relates them to one another.

The great thing about this method is that no matter how big the task is, all you need to do is to pick each one from your head and write them on paper in the space where it is most relevant. It doesn’t have to be perfectly accurate on the first try. In fact, you will almost certainly alter your mind map so that it is broken down in the simplest and most complete manner so that you can tackle the individual tasks one by one.

What it all comes down to when it comes to increasing the performance of your brain is to make it work in every fashion possible. Learning new things, experiencing new things and applying what you learn in each step along the way for the next challenge.


How to Boost Brain Power

Coffee is a Memory Booster

Numerous studies and debates have been carried out in order to analyse the performance of the brain when it is subjected to the influence of caffeine. The results found in the various studies show that students who took tests right after studying and drinking coffee performed better on average than those without caffeine intake. It is yet to be determined what the long term consequences are in terms of increased brain power with coffee.

The only proven advantages through coffee intake have been for two aspects. Firstly, speed is increased when carrying out tasks that require little creative thinking, ie. monotone activities. This benefit does not however apply for when you have to think on your feet.

The other shown advantage, is seen in declarative memory, which is thought to be due to the release of adrenaline which is the trigger that triggers our fight or flight instincts, which helps us remember high intensity experiences better.

So to recap, in the short term it helps improve brain speed when performing simple tasks and memorizing, long term, we don’t know yet. This means it will work for memorizing dates for the history test, but having to solve a maths problem will not become easier with coffee.


Play the spy game to increase awareness

An exercise which I recommend is to become more aware of your surroundings Try to take in details such as in a restaurant for example. How many waiters are there? How many people are sitting at each table? Describe them. What is the couple at the next table eating? Where are the picture. Over time, this habit will develop your attention skills and spatial memory. The best way to practice this is with a partner with which you keep testing each other on details of the surroundings. As you get better you can check on more subtle or less relevant details.


Learn to become fluent in another language.

There is hardly any exercise that works at as many aspects of brain power as learning a new language. Here are the basic features that are addressed:

Memory. Vocabulary changes from language to language and memorizing the terms will work our short term memory.. As we us it over time, concepts will become ingrained which works long term memory.

Associative Reasoning. Some words, phrases and terms will be similar to a language you already know and that click moment is the result of your brain having worked its ass off to make the connection of something new to a concept you are already familiar with.

Flexibility. When you only have a limited array of phrases and structures at your disposal, your brain will make an effort to find combinations that work. And with each new string to your bow, the amount of combinations increases exponentially.

This exercise takes time, but it is time well spent and at the end of it you have learnt a new way to communicate. This in turn it will open you many new doors during the process and down the line.


Become the Devils Advocate.

In essence it is defending an argument that you are against. Being able to switch sides in an argument is no easy feat and to do so requires many skills. Flexibility is one of them as your perspective must constantly be shifted from your point of view to the other. Having an open mind is primordial for this exercise as without it we will not be able to put ourselves in a position where we can accept potential alternatives. Empathy is a side result of this method as you with practice you will find that it is easier to understand where other people are coming from. Trust me, this is a great skill to learn, not only for improving your brain power.

Power up Your Brain

Over time, it is possible that you start feeling that you start to perform less well mentally. Every day situations it will happen at least four or five times even though you may not notice them or remember later on. It is important that you become aware of such moments as they are what will later incentive you to do something about it. The sooner you get started at working towards a healthy brain, the sooner you will be able to power up your brain enough to exceed the standards that are expected of you and provide you an advantage in life. Here are some things you can already do to improve your mental performance.

Use dead time
Don’t kid yourself, your day is filled with time during which you are doing nothing productive. Sure you need some time to let the mind rest for a while but all in all, you will have a lot of time during your busy day during which you could be productive. Killing time in waiting rooms, driving or waiting for the food to get cooked in the microwave. Have a go at doing your multiplication tables or other simple maths in your head, get a tape player to listen to audio books or find an alternative use for something in your surroundings.

There are a ton of reasons for you to do some writing. For one thing, writing will help you clarify your thoughts in order to write in coherent sentences. It will make you express things in a logical manner so that you can uderstand it when you read it out lound. It also develops your creativity and analytical abilities as you want to avoid repeating yourself with redundant expressions. Lastly, it will boost your memory as you will most likely also write about past events or things you wanted to remember but had nothing to write it down with. These are all aspects of the brain that get improved by putting thoughts to paper. Here are a few writing activities if you don’t know where to start yet:

  • Keep a diary where you write down in a few short sentences what your day consisted of.
  • Keep an idea journal where you come up with ideas on a regular basis.
  • Try your hand at poetry
  • Take notes of everything you find even mildly interesting
  • Story writing will get your creativity juices flowing.
  • Blogging will allow you put your thoughts in a more structured way.

Turn off the auto correct
A small tip on writing, when you make a mistake in a word processing program and the spell check identifies a mistake, don’t immediately right click it and choose the correct word. Take a moment and identify where you went wrong and correct it manually. This way, not only will you learn to analyse and spot errors but also learn to spell words correctly which you might just spell wrong the next time round.

Learn to speed read
This one is counter intuitive as studies have shown that you can actually improve the understanding you have of the material rather than exchange substance for speed. On top of this, you get to absorb the material in less time and at the same time you are boosting your brain power.

Make up an imaginary friend
Other than making you look like a crazy person, this method is actually a great way to come up with information you have stored in your subconscious. While inventing a character that has extensive knowledge about a subject your brain will dig in its information archive to come up with reasonable arguments for the conversation. Sure you might also make up convincing and plausible arguments alongside it but you are not writing a scientific paper about the subject but only training your mind to bring information stored in the subconscious to the surface.

How to Improve Memory

Unless you have a photographic memory (which I doubt since if you did you wouldn’t be reading on how to improve memory) you will find that you have trouble recalling things that at the time you thought was vital to remember. Our brain only makes an effort to store information it regards as necessary. This has become the case less and less due to the availability of information at our disposal. As we become constantly linked to the net through the large presence of computers with internet access and smart phones with 3G we reduce our need to remember things. How many phone numbers did you know off by heart ten years ago? And now? … Exactly. I will give you a few tips and tricks which will help you train memory methodically as the natural method is as simple to apply as reducing the amount we lean on technology.

The Memory Palace

Consider a walk-through of your house. Imagine you are showing someone around your house and mentioning objects that are in the route as you go. That is basically the concept with which to apply the memory palace only that you must associate the list of things you need to remember  with the list of things in your house. Obviously the list of objects you go through in your house (or whichever familiar location you have chosen) must never change and should be solid in your mind. Another factor is to associate both items of the lists in an unforgettable manner. The more outrageous the association, the more memorable it will be.

Summarizing Books

Rephrasing a chapter of a book in a few words makes your brain “understand” what you have read and therefore create more connections between the various concepts rather than attempt to store individual elements with no reference to other segments of information. A mind map is a great way to summarize chapters as it provides a visual representation of the links between the various concepts.

Awaken Childhood Memories

Usually the only time we fall back on our long term memory is when it is asked of us spontaneously. This lack of frequency of use of the long term memory causes it to deteriorate leaving less and less memories at our disposal as the years go by. Make it a task every day to take five minutes to go back in time in your mind and focus on the first memory that comes to your head. Try and remember every aspect of that moment in time: the colours, sounds, smells,  sensations and emotions in that instant. This will re-establish the neural connections be in the brain and train them to work more efficiently in the future.

Help a Child with Homework

Just as with bringing back memories, this exercise trains your long term memory to work at associating facts and digging up experiences from the past. This is a pretty easy one to apply if you have a youngster in your family as their homework will be pretty similar to the things you had  to learn at school. The material in school has not changed so much as that you wouldn’t have covered it in your day. Another bonus factor to this technique is that as the child grows older, you get different exercises to recall and you get to mix the new (or new again) material covered in the recent years with the memory from the past and make it easier to come up with solutions through association. The downside is you cannot chose the child and you might get stuck with an annoying infant trying to evade doing its homework. Good luck! 

Guest Post – Adrienne McGuire


Today we were honoured with a guest post from Adrienne McGuire, writer and editor of the DailyPath. Take it away Adrienne:

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a Memory Improvement Project every Monday. On our Mindful Mondays at DailyPath, we first focused on beginning the process by gaining some mental clarity, creating a blank slate of sorts for the work ahead of us. After we had gained some perspective and cleared our heads of some cobwebs, we added some memory boosting supplements to our daily routine.

I began this process not as an assignment, but because I had true concerns about my own fading memory. I had days where I struggled to remember words and where I put things. I had heard similar complaints from many of my friends as we are now climbing towards 40, and I became determined to learn as much as I could about ways to stave off memory loss.

Throughout the process, I finally came to terms with the fact that one of the main factors affecting my memory was my lack of regular adequate sleep. As a matter of fact, after I did extensive research on the sleep/memory connection, I had an ‘a-ha’ moment during which I realized that without adequate sleep, my brain power will likely continue to degrade slowly over the years. Getting eight hours a night quickly ratcheted to the top of my priority list, and almost immediately I noticed a huge difference in my ability to process thoughts, and my recall was greatly improved.

Now that I’ve been getting adequate sleep for several weeks, taking the recommended memory boosting supplements, and practicing some behavioral modifications to increase my mental clarity and awareness, I’m ready to take the next step in the process. I’ve always known that I have billions of neurons firing in my brain but what I learned through this experience is that I can control some of the connections those neurons are making!

Yesterday, I started building on the progress I have made thus far by downloading some of the most highly recommended memory boosting games. The brain does have a great deal of neuroplasticity, or ability to adapt and change, but we have to actively show it the way. Playing stimulating mind games like Brain Trainer from Lumosity will keep those neurons firing, creating new connections in the memory part of the brain.

When I was researching the best ways to improve my memory, I was surprised to discover that there is a huge connection between memory and socializing. In a study performed by Psychologist Oscar Ybarra at the U-M Institute for Social Research, it was discovered that engaging in 10 minutes of conversation a day improves brain function as well as performing intellectual activities or playing brain games for the same amount of time. Anyone looking to increase brain power may want to seriously consider putting some social interaction time onto the calendar. It can be as simple as talking to your neighbor over the fence about politics or chatting with an intellectual friend. Just make sure that the topics are somewhat substantive.

Remember that re-wiring the brain is not something that will magically happen overnight. As you can tell, I’ve done a lot of prep work to ensure that my experiment will have a higher chance of success. It’s important to prepare your brain first, make sure you’re eating right and sleeping well, and then embark on making some new neuro-choices. Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to something as complex as the brain.

Adrienne McGuire is a writer, website consultant and wellness enthusiast who abandoned the corporate ladder to create a life that worked for her. To read about the conclusion of her Memory Experiment, visit her at DailyPath, where she is now an integral part of the writing team.

Let Your Mind Power Increase

It is well known that gray matter does not regenerate. This implies that as we got older and lose many of the brain cells we have today we are losing mental capacity for ever. How ever, the loss of potential of the brain is linked more to the laziness of not working at its improvement and so the links between the cells get broken off as the brain reckons it doesn’t need them. also, we can improve the performance of the existing neurons by establishing neural connectors through exercises and techniques that challenge the brain. There are many techniques which let your mind power increase over time as you implement them.

Critical thinking: This skill or quality is a tough one to find in today’s society. Common practice and conformity have made us just accept whichever solutions are offered to us without really questioning them. Over the years we have lost the ability of analysis and applied logic to see things as they are without being played with through out feelings and emotions. I am not saying you should become a cold calculating character, but make sure you understand concepts properly so as to not be deceived by word plays or fallacy based arguments. The next few points are to help you build your critical thinking capabilities.

- Ask questions: Through the formulation of a question, ideally out loud, you are making your brain filter out what information is required for that question to make sense. Through the mere formulation of the question alone you are already knocking down assumption barriers. Add to this the fact that the answer given to you will help you determine whether the assumption is confirmed or not. Just by asking questions you are already putting yourself on your own path of decision making instead of blindly following that of others. This in turn will make your brain have to rely more on itself and not on tagging along for commodity.

- Systematic problem solving: As easy as this sounds, it is not done enough, probably because of its simplicity. When confronted with a problem to which the answer is not easily determined or for which there are various answers, do the following. Make two lists. The first is going to enumerate all the details that you know about the problem at hand. The second is aimed at writing down all the solutions you can come up with. Go down the list one by one, discarding those that don’t work until you reach the end. If you haven’t found a satisfying result, start over after reviewing that your assumptions were correct and that the solutions have actually been considered correctly.

- Be skeptical: Basically what this means is to apply the first rule as often as possible when interacting with someone. Salespeople are the obvious adversary for this exercise.

A great way to train this skill is to go to sales presentations (money making product presentations are the best) and to basically be the annoying guy in the room who just wont be convinced. Take a completely unresponsive attitude to the product and try to find holes in the viability of the product with questions and analyzing the answers provided by the sales person.

Drawing and doodling: Expressing yourself through a few lines on paper is more efficient in the development of your brain than you think. By attempting to transmit your feelings, emotions, worries, favorite activities, etc. you will enhance the brains efforts to find paths in its memory database to express those concepts adequately. Don’t worry about drawing quality, the aim is not to become the next Monet but only to train your brain.

Focus on what you want: Rather than concentrating on the things you want to avoid, aim your focus at what it is that you DO want. By doing this, we will start acting in a manner that is more in accord with our aim. You might believe this is wishful thinking what I am asking you to do but in reality it is training your subconscious as that is the part of the brain which will attempt to find a way to make the target we have set ourselves come to be.

Boost Your Brain Power Now

Sure, the title may be a little inaccurate. There is no quick fix for the performance of our brain. The results we can get from our brain will only increase over time through constant training and adequate living conditions. No matter what anyone tells you, you will not be able to boost the potential of your brain from one day to the next. That said, here are a few exercises that you can do from time to time to develop the connections in the brain and make it stronger.


Develop the senses

There are two ways of doing this. The first is to block out one of our senses in order to make the others compensate for the missing source of information about our environment. The main senses you want to block out are the ones we rely on the most: hearing and sight. Blindfolding yourself to eat your meals is a great way to get you on the right track. We are already cheating if we blindfold ourselves after placing the plate on the table, thereby knowing where all the food items are. It would make a huge difference if we didn’t know how the food is distributed. Another exercise is to put in earplugs and try to go on with our daily lives. A great activity to do without hearing is to watch movies or watch football games as it will make you put more attention to what is going on on the screen.

Testing our senses to this extent will force the brain to make a large effort to make up for the lack of the blocked sense. Over time these enhanced senses will help when having to learn new things as we will be able to take in more information than without training.

The second method is to test with our senses. Each of our senses is used to a limited range of experiences. In our day to day lives we encounter the same sensory experiences over and over again. If we offer something new to each of our senses, we will stimulate the brain to find new ways to process this novel information and find a way to compare it with what it already knows. Here are a few examples of how to do this:

When buying food, get some variety in the same product or try new foods in order to develop your taste buds or get into wine tasting. Go to art expositions and compare different objects and paintings to  enhance your sight and observational abilities. Open your scope of music style you listen to or even listen to songs in other languages, maybe one that you don’t understand at all. Try your hand (pun intended) at feeling different textiles to compare them. Sense of smell is an easy one to further as all we need is a perfume shop and ask for a few samples to analyze the different fragrances. The wider the range of variety, the more information we are providing the mind with to process. Go back every other week to see if you can determine which product is which when just using the one sense.


Find more uses for standard objects

You are surrounded by loads of objects of which you know the purpose of for which it was designed for. An excellent exercise for your brain is to make up other uses for any of these items. Just one or two won’t do the trick. You need to really push your creativity to its extremes so that you use your imagination to the limit. Aim for at least 10, and if you can, do many many more. Only change the object once you cannot think of anything else.

How to Increase Mind Power

The following is true for many people: they think of their mental agility and efficiency as something of the past. While it may be true that the brain has most likely has lost its qualities to a certain extent due to complacency, laziness and bad habits; it is false to say that it can no longer be recovered. It is possible to regain the capability of organizing ideas easily and recover the ability to express yourself creatively. There exist a number of simple yet effective techniques that will push your brain to increase mind power. Here are a few:

Live healthily: The ancient greeks had it right. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. The simplest way to obtain a healthy body is to apply some changes to your current diet (or not if you are already eating healthily). To this we need to add some physical exercise. Apart from helping you get into shape, physical exercise will not only release the necesary quemical substances in your brain but it also promotes the blood flow and the trasportation of oxygen through it to your brain. On top of this we just need to perform some mind exercises to top it all off.

The food that is considered healthy excludes anything that has been processed. These foods will do nothing but harm to your body. Instead it is recommended to inlude wholesome home cooked meals. The best way to make sure of the quality of the food you are ingesting is to make your meals at home. Eating out makes this control more complicated as for one thing we are limited by the menu of wherever we are eating at, and for another, we cannot say for sure how the food is prepared.

The key is variety. Go for a wide range of fruit and veg at the supermarket and make sure that the meat that you buy contains less fat that you would usually go for. Furthermore, raw nuts (ie. not roasted, etc.), fish (idealy oily fish like salmon) and healthier tyes of desert such as fruit or yogurt are all changes in the diet that will help the brain function better although you can also top up any specific nutritional aspect with Diet pills.

Naturally unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol are completely out of the equation regarless of how much they say that weed or whiskey open the mind.

Get enough sleep: There is little that is more detrimental to the agility of the mind as exhaustion, physical or mental. We can eat as healthily as we want, if the body doesn’t get enough rest, the mind will not be able to render its full potential.

This fact can not be cheated with caffeine or otherwise. An adult needs an average of around 7 to 8 hours of sleep. On top of this, rather than have a lie in every weekend to catch up on sleep (which will not do the trick) go to bed earlly in order to get up early. Sure some people like me feel they funtion better leter in the day but that doesn’t change the fact that the mind must be rested to begin with. This formula of getting a decent sleeping pattern will provide very good results in terms of brain power in a short period of time.

Reduce stress: Stress is a boost of adrenaline that the brain gives to the body in situations in which we feel in danger. This was all fine thousands of years ago in which we needed the adrenaline to shut off some parts of the brain to focus on those parts that helped us stay alive. Nowadays however, in the office environment where no life threatening danger requires this adrenaline boost, stress is a major factor in reducing our brain power by exhausting it. There are many ways to reduce stress, among other things meditation and music therapy.

Music therapy: Generally what you are looking for is music that relaxes you. There is no problem in alternating between more animated tracks and those that make you chill out. The idea is to have music play a therapeutic role. As an example, listen to some relaxing music just before going to bed so that the mind can relax and falling asleep results less troublesome as the mind stops trying to think of hundreds of things at once. This in turn will result in a more regenerating nights sleep.