How to Improve Brain Power

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  1. Become Sherlock Holmes
  2. Switch up your driving habits
  3. Forget technology
  4. Learn one new word per day
  5. Balance logic and creativity
  6. Go for complex solutions rather than the first simple one
  7. Step out of your comfort zone
  8. Live healthy
  9. Get enough sleep
  10. Reduce stress
  11. Listen to music of various genres
  12. Develop the senses with new sensory experiences
  13. Find more uses for standard objects
  14. Train critical thinking
  15. Draw and doodle
  16. Focus on what you want. Set your goals.
  17. Create a Memory Palace for yourself
  18. Read book
  19. Summarize those books
  20. Awaken childhood memories
  21. Help a child with homework
  22. Use dead time
  23. Write
  24. Turn off the auto-correct of your word processor
  25. Learn to speed-read
  26. Make up an imaginary friend (have an interior dialogue)
  27. Drink coffee
  28. Play the Spy Game – be aware of your surroundings
  29. Learn another language
  30. Play Devils Advocate
  31. Play games and solve puzzles
  32. Become ambidextrous
  33. Live new experiences
  34. Use mind maps
  35. Take power naps
  36. Keep your blood pressure low
  37. Meditate
  38. Stay fit
  39. Learn something new, a new skill
  40. Become more social
  41. Get into lucid dreaming
  42. Remember your dreams and keep a log
  43. Weave stories in your mind
  44. Rock the boat (change your environment)
  45. Learn to breathe properly
  46. Use brain boosting supplements
  47. Listen to hypnosis recordings
  48. Become more self-aware
  49. Become motivated
  50. Reduce your stress levels
  51. Be hungry for new information
  52. Make improving your brain power a priority
  53. Go somewhere new/different – Travel
  54. Embrace ambiguity (paradoxes and optical illusions)
  55. Block one or more senses to develop the rest
  56. Do comparative tasting
  57. Find intersections between seemingly unrelated topics
  58. Use a different keyboard layout
  59. Find new uses for ordinary objects
  60. Learn creativity techniques
  61. Find more than one correct answer
  62. Ask “what if” questions
  63. Turn the picture of your desktop upside down
  64. Try your hand at art
  65. Learn to juggle
  66. Be slightly hungry
  67. Stay hydrated – drink enough water
  68. Get enough sleep
  69. Get over procrastination
  70. Look for more brain resources
  71. Learn to simplify things
  72. Create lists
  73. Have an idea quota
  74. Keep an idea bank
  75. Incubate ideas and work out their feasibility
  76. Spell long words backwards
  77. Learn sign language
  78. Study how the brain works
  79. Find out your learning style (visual, reading, audio, doing, etc.)
  80. Don’t use the calendar
  81. Practice mentally estimating the passage of time
  82. Practice guesstimates (rainforest size, distance to the nearest chair, etc.)
  83. Get good at math
  84. Memorize people’s names – It helps your brain and your relationship building abilities
  85. Turn off the TV
  86. Learn to do one thing at a time – no multitasking, concentrate, FOCUS!
  87. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes – practice empathy
  88. Be self-aware
  89. Commit yourself to lifelong learning
  90. Surround yourself with supportive and successful people
  91. Also hang out with people who you disagree with
  92. Become more competitive
  93. Brainstorm ideas
  94. Find the root of problems or thoughts or motivations – (Ask 5 Why’s to get there)
  95. Change the media you are working one – audio, video, written
  96. Practice saying your problems out loud
  97. Describe one experience in painstaking detail
  98. Learn braille
  99. Allocate time for brain development
  100. Keep challenging yourself
  101. Practice visualization like described in “The Secret”
  102. Learn metaphors and how to use them
  103. Embrace randomness
  104. Take different routes to or from work each day
  105. Get used to using a different operating system – PC to Mac, IOS to Android
  106. Practice to over-deliver
  107. Get some brain fitness software
  108. Read upside down text
  109. Get a reverse clock
  110. Take improv classes
  111. Get adept at repairing things yourself – DIY
  112. Learn how things work
  113. Teach someone a skill
  114. Provide thoughtful comments on blogs, forums and websites
  115. Learn origami
  116. Shop at a different supermarket
  117. Learn to conquer your fears
  118. Be someones language buddy
  119. Imagine living in a very different circumstance – surviving a shipwreck, living in middle ages, being batman
  120. Play role-playing games
  121. Eat with chopsticks
  122. Make mistakes and learn from them
  123. Be healthy – don’t smoke or drink alcohol or take drugs
  124. Learn to do a handstand

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