Aug 01

Boost Your Brain Power Now

Sure, the title may be a little inaccurate. There is no quick fix for the performance of our brain. The results we can get from our brain will only increase over time through constant training and adequate living conditions. No matter what anyone tells you, you will not be able to boost the potential of your brain from one day to the next. That said, here are a few exercises that you can do from time to time to develop the connections in the brain and make it stronger.


Develop the senses

There are two ways of doing this. The first is to block out one of our senses in order to make the others compensate for the missing source of information about our environment. The main senses you want to block out are the ones we rely on the most: hearing and sight. Blindfolding yourself to eat your meals is a great way to get you on the right track. We are already cheating if we blindfold ourselves after placing the plate on the table, thereby knowing where all the food items are. It would make a huge difference if we didn’t know how the food is distributed. Another exercise is to put in earplugs and try to go on with our daily lives. A great activity to do without hearing is to watch movies or watch football games as it will make you put more attention to what is going on on the screen.

Testing our senses to this extent will force the brain to make a large effort to make up for the lack of the blocked sense. Over time these enhanced senses will help when having to learn new things as we will be able to take in more information than without training.

The second method is to test with our senses. Each of our senses is used to a limited range of experiences. In our day to day lives we encounter the same sensory experiences over and over again. If we offer something new to each of our senses, we will stimulate the brain to find new ways to process this novel information and find a way to compare it with what it already knows. Here are a few examples of how to do this:

When buying food, get some variety in the same product or try new foods in order to develop your taste buds or get into wine tasting. Go to art expositions and compare different objects and paintings to  enhance your sight and observational abilities. Open your scope of music style you listen to or even listen to songs in other languages, maybe one that you don’t understand at all. Try your hand (pun intended) at feeling different textiles to compare them. Sense of smell is an easy one to further as all we need is a perfume shop and ask for a few samples to analyze the different fragrances. The wider the range of variety, the more information we are providing the mind with to process. Go back every other week to see if you can determine which product is which when just using the one sense.


Find more uses for standard objects

You are surrounded by loads of objects of which you know the purpose of for which it was designed for. An excellent exercise for your brain is to make up other uses for any of these items. Just one or two won’t do the trick. You need to really push your creativity to its extremes so that you use your imagination to the limit. Aim for at least 10, and if you can, do many many more. Only change the object once you cannot think of anything else.

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