Sep 22

Brain power boosting exercises, habits and foundations

I like to compare improving brain power to getting in shape. These two forms of improvement are very similar in terms of the methods it takes to see results. We can divide these processes into two categories, the equivalent of foundations and bricks of a house.

The bricks are the elements that actively build up your brain power. This means habits and exercises.

When getting in shape, you can opt for taking the escalator or use the stairs. You can either get to work by can or cycling there. These choices or actions are constant small contributions which acustom our body to being prepared for use. The applies to brain training. Instead of Taking out your smartphone to divide the bill at a restaurant you can practice by doing it in your head. You can consciously pay more attention to details until it brcomes second nature.

In summary, constant little efforts that keep the brain working and training even subconciously.

These are short sessions of focused training. Like going to the gym or playing a sport to get fit, for the brain we can play brain stimulating games and do specific activities that train the brain such as testing the senses, creating memory palaces, etc.

The foundations are the elements that have to be in place to get the most out of the habits and exercises. Mainly these are a good diet and getting enough sleep.

For a house, the foundations are what make the bricks worth laying and ensure that it doesn’t collapse on itself. For us to get the most out of our brain improvement strategy, we need to ensure we eat right and get enough sleep as well as do the exercises and create/keep up the habits that boost the efficiency of the brain.

We must keep this in mind during all the posts regarding brain power training.

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