Jul 25

How to Increase Mind Power

The following is true for many people: they think of their mental agility and efficiency as something of the past. While it may be true that the brain has most likely has lost its qualities to a certain extent due to complacency, laziness and bad habits; it is false to say that it can no longer be recovered. It is possible to regain the capability of organizing ideas easily and recover the ability to express yourself creatively. There exist a number of simple yet effective techniques that will push your brain to increase mind power. Here are a few:

Live healthily: The ancient greeks had it right. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. The simplest way to obtain a healthy body is to apply some changes to your current diet (or not if you are already eating healthily). To this we need to add some physical exercise. Apart from helping you get into shape, physical exercise will not only release the necesary quemical substances in your brain but it also promotes the blood flow and the trasportation of oxygen through it to your brain. On top of this we just need to perform some mind exercises to top it all off.

The food that is considered healthy excludes anything that has been processed. These foods will do nothing but harm to your body. Instead it is recommended to inlude wholesome home cooked meals. The best way to make sure of the quality of the food you are ingesting is to make your meals at home. Eating out makes this control more complicated as for one thing we are limited by the menu of wherever we are eating at, and for another, we cannot say for sure how the food is prepared.

The key is variety. Go for a wide range of fruit and veg at the supermarket and make sure that the meat that you buy contains less fat that you would usually go for. Furthermore, raw nuts (ie. not roasted, etc.), fish (idealy oily fish like salmon) and healthier tyes of desert such as fruit or yogurt are all changes in the diet that will help the brain function better although you can also top up any specific nutritional aspect with Diet pills.

Naturally unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol are completely out of the equation regarless of how much they say that weed or whiskey open the mind.

Get enough sleep: There is little that is more detrimental to the agility of the mind as exhaustion, physical or mental. We can eat as healthily as we want, if the body doesn’t get enough rest, the mind will not be able to render its full potential.

This fact can not be cheated with caffeine or otherwise. An adult needs an average of around 7 to 8 hours of sleep. On top of this, rather than have a lie in every weekend to catch up on sleep (which will not do the trick) go to bed earlly in order to get up early. Sure some people like me feel they funtion better leter in the day but that doesn’t change the fact that the mind must be rested to begin with. This formula of getting a decent sleeping pattern will provide very good results in terms of brain power in a short period of time.

Reduce stress: Stress is a boost of adrenaline that the brain gives to the body in situations in which we feel in danger. This was all fine thousands of years ago in which we needed the adrenaline to shut off some parts of the brain to focus on those parts that helped us stay alive. Nowadays however, in the office environment where no life threatening danger requires this adrenaline boost, stress is a major factor in reducing our brain power by exhausting it. There are many ways to reduce stress, among other things meditation and music therapy.

Music therapy: Generally what you are looking for is music that relaxes you. There is no problem in alternating between more animated tracks and those that make you chill out. The idea is to have music play a therapeutic role. As an example, listen to some relaxing music just before going to bed so that the mind can relax and falling asleep results less troublesome as the mind stops trying to think of hundreds of things at once. This in turn will result in a more regenerating nights sleep.

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