Aug 16

Let Your Mind Power Increase

It is well known that gray matter does not regenerate. This implies that as we got older and lose many of the brain cells we have today we are losing mental capacity for ever. How ever, the loss of potential of the brain is linked more to the laziness of not working at its improvement and so the links between the cells get broken off as the brain reckons it doesn’t need them. also, we can improve the performance of the existing neurons by establishing neural connectors through exercises and techniques that challenge the brain. There are many techniques which let your mind power increase over time as you implement them.

Critical thinking: This skill or quality is a tough one to find in today’s society. Common practice and conformity have made us just accept whichever solutions are offered to us without really questioning them. Over the years we have lost the ability of analysis and applied logic to see things as they are without being played with through out feelings and emotions. I am not saying you should become a cold calculating character, but make sure you understand concepts properly so as to not be deceived by word plays or fallacy based arguments. The next few points are to help you build your critical thinking capabilities.

– Ask questions: Through the formulation of a question, ideally out loud, you are making your brain filter out what information is required for that question to make sense. Through the mere formulation of the question alone you are already knocking down assumption barriers. Add to this the fact that the answer given to you will help you determine whether the assumption is confirmed or not. Just by asking questions you are already putting yourself on your own path of decision making instead of blindly following that of others. This in turn will make your brain have to rely more on itself and not on tagging along for commodity.

– Systematic problem solving: As easy as this sounds, it is not done enough, probably because of its simplicity. When confronted with a problem to which the answer is not easily determined or for which there are various answers, do the following. Make two lists. The first is going to enumerate all the details that you know about the problem at hand. The second is aimed at writing down all the solutions you can come up with. Go down the list one by one, discarding those that don’t work until you reach the end. If you haven’t found a satisfying result, start over after reviewing that your assumptions were correct and that the solutions have actually been considered correctly.

– Be skeptical: Basically what this means is to apply the first rule as often as possible when interacting with someone. Salespeople are the obvious adversary for this exercise.

A great way to train this skill is to go to sales presentations (money making product presentations are the best) and to basically be the annoying guy in the room who just wont be convinced. Take a completely unresponsive attitude to the product and try to find holes in the viability of the product with questions and analyzing the answers provided by the sales person.

Drawing and doodling: Expressing yourself through a few lines on paper is more efficient in the development of your brain than you think. By attempting to transmit your feelings, emotions, worries, favorite activities, etc. you will enhance the brains efforts to find paths in its memory database to express those concepts adequately. Don’t worry about drawing quality, the aim is not to become the next Monet but only to train your brain.

Focus on what you want: Rather than concentrating on the things you want to avoid, aim your focus at what it is that you DO want. By doing this, we will start acting in a manner that is more in accord with our aim. You might believe this is wishful thinking what I am asking you to do but in reality it is training your subconscious as that is the part of the brain which will attempt to find a way to make the target we have set ourselves come to be.

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