May 08

Medicines to Improve Memory – A Guide to Making the Right Choice

The brain is considered to be a very complex organ of the body and it performs a whole lot of functions. Like for one, the memory. Memory is the power to be able to retain, store, as well as reproduce all necessary information when required. As a person gets old, there are changes happening in memory and the processing of information too. However, this decrease of memory may just be considered as a mild one so as not to come between the daily functioning of a person such as starting to forget names and dates. In order to be able to enhance one’s memory, an individual should participate in numerous healthy exercises such as yoga which truly helps in stimulating the brain. Other ways includes getting enough sleep, keeping one’s self free from stress, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and of course, eating healthy with foods that are high in vitamins B6, B12, C, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, as well as whole grains.
Some proven medicines or herbal remedies that can help in the improvement of memory are as follows:

Ginkgo Biloba

This herbal medicine seem to have the greatest and biggest impact when it comes to memory improvement. The effect it can provide involves the enhancement of blood flow all throughout the body and the brain as well. There have also been reports that Ginkgo Biloba helps people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. The leaves that are utilized in preparing this medicine is not usually raw, but rather, a ginkgo biloba extract which already has a standard formula.


This supplement is often used as a spice and if you have the chance to visit Mediterranean places, you will come to find this herb at every step you take. Rosemary is also known to be as the herb of remembrance and it contains a total of 24 antioxidants that whips free radicals.

Huperzine A

This is also known as Chinese club moss that is called as Huperzia Serrat and this natural made medicine often works in the very same way as any Alzheimer’s drugs out there. It works by increasing the levels of acetylcholine which is one of the chief neurotransmitters that are used for the brain, muscle and nerves communication.


Aside from improving the memory, this herb also acts as a great energy booster. Therefore, ginseng aids people to lower their levels of depression and stress which are also known causes for loss of memory. The Chinese have been utilizing this herb for more than 5000 years now and they have come up with the name ginseng from two words which mean “man plant” because of its resemblance to the human form. Buying the actual dried root can be the most economical way and these roots can be consumed in so many ways. The optimal dosage of this herb is either 2 or 3 grams a day.

Ginger Root

According to Arabian folklore, it has been claimed that ginger can enhance memory. Furthermore, it has also been used in traditional times as a perfect ingredient for cognitive improvement. Researchers also adds that daily intake of ginger, especially in high amounts can lead to the improvement of 4 primal functions of the brain: accuracy of attention, power of attention, quality and speed of memory.


This is a common plant that can be found present all over the world and in so many centuries, Hawthorn has been utilized to heighten cognitive function as well treat other ailments. To add to that, hawthorn is often used in alignment with Ginkgo Biloba. If frequently used, Hawthorn can become the best vitamins for memory improvement out there.
For those people who have just gone through experiencing the many signs and symptoms of memory loss, most probably because of aging or stress, the best treatment would always be the natural made, as well as prevention. Remember that natural memory supplements contain much lesser side effects compared to any regular memory enhancement medication out there. Memory boosters that are natural made can also bring about positive effects on the overall health condition of a person. Do not also forget to consult professional people like doctors because they are there to guide you every step of the way to reaching the success of improving your memory.

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