May 25

Become Sherlock Holmes

Improve memory, awareness and creativity like Sherlock Holmes

When you watch the movies and series of Sherlock Holmes you see how he notices details of the people he meets. He then goes on to make assumptions about these details.  Also, he remembers these
details in retrospect. To train your memory you can try doing this yourself. Set an alarm at some random time in your day and then spend 5 to 10 minutes remembering different elements about the people you encountered.

Ask yourself questions such as “What color was David wearing?”, “What was the key-ring your client had on his set of keys?” This will develop your memory for details as well as your sense of awareness.

To work your creativity, make up stories or series of events that might have led to things you notice. Do the notes they take on their post-its indicate that they are left-handed? Where did the stain on their sleeve come from?

This practice ties in nicely into the Spy Game which I will write about in the future.

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