May 30

Switch up your driving

bp2 driving

If you have been driving for more than a few months, driving will have become a routine. You no longer have to think about the motions you are going through. A great way to challenge your brain to improve it is to make some changes to your driving habits.

Drive on the other side of the road

No, I am not saying you should just drive on the cars coming the other way. i am saying that if you are in a country where people drive on the other side of the road, you should not get someone else to drive your rental car. Accept the challenge: try driving with the gear-shift on the other side, with the roundabouts going the other way, having to look the other way at crossings. Al this will challenge your brain to be more aware.

Drive another car

If you get the chance to drive your friend’s car, do it! Get used to the indicator and windscreen wiper levers being in different locations. Practice gauging the dimensions for parking the different car. Driving different types of cars like vans, mini cars, go-karts, 4×4’s, station wagons, SUV’s all make for a different driving experience.

Switch to manual or automatic

If you are using a car with automatic transmission, switch to a manual one. This will force you to become more focused on the act of driving again as there will be more things to think about and concentrate on. The same goes for switching to an automatic. It may be easier, but it a different style of driving to which you need to get used to and any challenge of that sort will make new neural connections in your brain.

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