Jun 20

Go for complex solutions

complex solutions train the brain

If all you do at the gym is lift the small weights, you’re not going to get stronger. The same happens if we only use the first and easiest solution we come up with. If we keep training and digging a little bit deeper we build up that mental muscle by creating more neural connections as the brain attempts to find relations between things that seem unrelated at first.

They say innovation occurs on the line between the possible and the impossible. This line however will never be touched if all we do in our day to day is the same as always. Go out of your way (mentally) to find different ways of doing things or solving solutions. I am not saying make your life difficult for yourself. I mean that you should go beyond your first easy answer and find something that requires a bit more effort. Go to the brain gym and lift some heavier weights 😉

Here is a fun and creative example.

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