Jul 01

Live healthy

healthy body, health mindThe Romans believed that a healthy mind requires a healthy body. This has repeatedly proven to be true. The brain puts out what you put in which means that if you want the most important machine of your body to work at its best it needs clean fuel to work properly.

Eat Brain Foods

The best way to do this is by having a healthy diet. The biggest factor that impacts the health of our body and thereby the performance of our brain is to have a balanced diet. Avoid processed foods, exceedingly fatty foods, and artificial sugars. Aim to have wholesome home cooked meals. That way you know what it is you are eating (it is also cheaper). This control over the food you are eating is more difficult when we are eating out as we cannot be sure of the ingredients used and how they are prepared.

When preparing your brain food, make sure you have a wide variety of foods. A big proportion should be fruit and vegetables, followed by raw nuts (not roasted), oily fish such as salmon and limited red meat. The healthy desert options include fruit and yogurt with natural sweeteners such as honey.

Exercise the Body and the Brain

No one is expected to have to run a triathlon or become the next Mr. Universe to boost their brain power. However, some basic and regular physical exercise is absolutely necessary to eliminate toxins from our body and release the chemicals in the brain required for a better brain performance but it also increases the blood flow which transports the oxygen to the entire body, not the least of which is the brain. This provides the optimal prerequisites for our mental exercises to have the greatest effect in stimulating growth in neural connections.

No smoking, drinking or drugs

Exercise may get rid of toxins in the body but that is no reason to introduce those toxins in the first place. The greatest detriment to your brains performance and the greatest impediment to its development is to smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs.

Despite some drugs such as marijuana being used by many artists as a crutch for boosting creativity, all other functions such as logic, reasoning, reaction speed and learning ability are greatly reduced.

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