Jul 25

Develop the senses

bp12 senses

There are two ways to do this. The first is to go about your day with one of your senses blocked and the other is to expose yourself to new experiences for each of your senses. Both of these technique will develop your brain performance.

Block out one of the senses

The easiest ways to try this one is to use a blindfold. By impeding one of our sense to be of any use to us we force the other four to make up for the missing information about our surroundings. A blindfold while we eat can make not only putting the food on our fork or spoon a tricky endeavour but also tasting the food without having our visual input distracting us will be a much deeper experience.

Another alternative is to use earplugs. Going throughout your day at home with ear plugs is at the very least an interesting experience as you will become much more aware of what your eyes perceive and your body feels such as the phone vibrating on the table, watching a football game on the TV or the vibration from the speakers from the music. One of the most interesting instances I saw of this was when a hearing-impaired friend of mine came out to a night club one night and was dancing to the beat perfectly. It was all in the vibrations of the bass.

Over time, this compensation of the remaining senses making an extra effort will give them the training to learn new things in the future such as new tastes, smells, etc.

Feel, see, hear, taste and smell new things

Each of our senses has been limited to the range of experiences that you have exposed them to up until now. This range is very narrow compared to what is available out there. By going outside of this range you will be setting off new receptors in the nerve endings and creating new connections in the brain.

To expand our experiences in taste, shop for different and more exotic foods. Try out different juices, wines, fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.  Our visual senses can be refined by viewing different genres of art, visual effects or any other type of imagery. It is important to take the time to compare the different examples of each category so that you can get a feeling of the subtleties which will enhance your visual perception. This in turn will hone your attention to detail. Another thing you can do  is to try out different perfumes in the store and compare the smells. Try to use adjectives to describe all these experiences and sensations as it will greatly impact your sensibility.

So, in essence, go for a wide a range of sensations as possible and describe and compare the different experiences. As you get better you can also combine sensory experiences such as smell and taste in the case of food.

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