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How to Improve Brain Power

So you want to find out how to increase your brain power. That is good. Deciding to make a change is the first step. However, you must accept that it is the first of many and it will take motivation and perseverance to achieve this goal. There is no quick fix achieving a better performance of your brain. You must work at it every day if only for a short period, to get any decent results. Sure you will be able to see results within a few days already, but the real potential of improving your mind will become apparent much much later.

Here is an inspiting video by Joshua Foer on how it is possible to improve your brain power.

To get you started, you can begin implementing some of these strategies.

Become Sherlock Holmes

Attempt to do as you see in the movies of Sherlock Holmes. Focus on the details of the people that you come in contact with throughout your day. Later on in the day (set an alarm or a reminder note) ask yourself questions such as “what was the colour of the shirt such and such was wearing?” or “how many keys did they have on their keyring the put on your desk?”. You can even take this a step further in the true Sherlock Holmes fashion and start finding (making up) explanations for particular characteristics of these people, like for example a sign that gives away whether they are left handed, etc. This exercise will help you improve your memory, improve your attention to detail and enhance your imagination as well as reasoning skills. This can also be applied to what I like to call the spy exercise which I will talk about in a later article.

Driving on the wrong side of the road

Those of us who are used to driving, manning the vehicle will soon become a routine. Our brain will switch on the autopilot for most of the operations. To challenge our brain we can switch to a car with manual transmission (if you are used to driving with automatic), you can drive a different car (your friends car or a rental car when you are on holiday) as each car handles slightly differently, or you can drive in a country where you drive on the other side of the road. Switching everything around is a great way to challenge your brain as it will force you to focus on every small action again.


Forget technology

How many phone numbers do you know off by heart at this very moment? Your own number from telling it to others and maybe one or two more? How many numbers did you know ten years ago, back when you had to dial the number rather that select the number from your contacts and hit “dial”?

Over the years we have been developing technological aides that assist us in avoiding mistakes and saving time. Many of these  were created specifically to avoid forgetting things. This has in fact helped us remember stuff more frequently however, not with our brains but with electronic devices. This in turn has made us lose the ability to remember things with the same ease as we rely more and more on the gadgets at our disposal. If you want to start improving you brain power again, try to use less technology like for example dialling the number you are about to call rather than letting your smart-phone do it for you.

Word of the Day

Head over to Dictionary.com and check out the word of the day. You can even sign up for their word of the day newsletter. Every day, try to use that word in different instances, be it in a conversation (people will be impressed), your diary or in your blog. You will notice that over time your vocabulary increases, you will discover fun and fun sounding words and your creativity will get a huge boost as you try to fit in these words wherever you can and still having the sentence make sense.

Hope this got you started. Don´t forget to bookmark this page to get back easily and share the info by liking us on Facebook and Twitter. Here´s to your brain power.

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