Sep 04

Power up Your Brain

Over time, it is possible that you start feeling that you start to perform less well mentally. Every day situations it will happen at least four or five times even though you may not notice them or remember later on. It is important that you become aware of such moments as they are what will later incentive you to do something about it. The sooner you get started at working towards a healthy brain, the sooner you will be able to power up your brain enough to exceed the standards that are expected of you and provide you an advantage in life. Here are some things you can already do to improve your mental performance.

Use dead time
Don’t kid yourself, your day is filled with time during which you are doing nothing productive. Sure you need some time to let the mind rest for a while but all in all, you will have a lot of time during your busy day during which you could be productive. Killing time in waiting rooms, driving or waiting for the food to get cooked in the microwave. Have a go at doing your multiplication tables or other simple maths in your head, get a tape player to listen to audio books or find an alternative use for something in your surroundings.

There are a ton of reasons for you to do some writing. For one thing, writing will help you clarify your thoughts in order to write in coherent sentences. It will make you express things in a logical manner so that you can uderstand it when you read it out lound. It also develops your creativity and analytical abilities as you want to avoid repeating yourself with redundant expressions. Lastly, it will boost your memory as you will most likely also write about past events or things you wanted to remember but had nothing to write it down with. These are all aspects of the brain that get improved by putting thoughts to paper. Here are a few writing activities if you don’t know where to start yet:

  • Keep a diary where you write down in a few short sentences what your day consisted of.
  • Keep an idea journal where you come up with ideas on a regular basis.
  • Try your hand at poetry
  • Take notes of everything you find even mildly interesting
  • Story writing will get your creativity juices flowing.
  • Blogging will allow you put your thoughts in a more structured way.

Turn off the auto correct
A small tip on writing, when you make a mistake in a word processing program and the spell check identifies a mistake, don’t immediately right click it and choose the correct word. Take a moment and identify where you went wrong and correct it manually. This way, not only will you learn to analyse and spot errors but also learn to spell words correctly which you might just spell wrong the next time round.

Learn to speed read
This one is counter intuitive as studies have shown that you can actually improve the understanding you have of the material rather than exchange substance for speed. On top of this, you get to absorb the material in less time and at the same time you are boosting your brain power.

Make up an imaginary friend
Other than making you look like a crazy person, this method is actually a great way to come up with information you have stored in your subconscious. While inventing a character that has extensive knowledge about a subject your brain will dig in its information archive to come up with reasonable arguments for the conversation. Sure you might also make up convincing and plausible arguments alongside it but you are not writing a scientific paper about the subject but only training your mind to bring information stored in the subconscious to the surface.

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