Jul 15

Power your Brain Today

You have probably spent a lot of time looking around trying to find ways to enhance the power of your brain. Ideally you are looking for something free and full of value. Well, here go some tips to power your brain today:
The information of how to imporve tthe brains information precessing capacity is not some misterious long lost art form. All the information as to boost your brains potential is easily obtainable. Some of the techniques that work excellently are listed below:
Balance logic and creativity: There are two main sections in the brain which tackle different aspects of learning. One focuses on logic while the other deals with creativity.

As you can probably deduct for yourself, the logic center is the one that deals with solving problems and rationalization whereas the creative center is in charge of self expression.

Unless you are an artist, it is highly likely that you are relying more heaily on your logic center as in an office we are confronted more with problems that need solving. People who make a living off art such as music, writing etc. are going to leanmoreon their creative center. This also goes for salepeople and people with jobs dealing in client satisfaction.

In order to get the most out of our brains we must try to use both areas of the brain in the most equal balance possible. This will help the brain to access both aspects when confronted with a problem or a skill to be learned, thereby pretty much doubling our ability to get a satisfactory result.

For a person that relies more of the logical center, try your hand at music, drawing, writing or art. Just one of these whould be enough to get you started and as you do and add any of the others, the brain will work at creating more connections between the brain cells to speed up the learning process.
On the other hand, an artist might want to spend some time solving puzzles or doing sudokus and crosswords which require a more systematic approach. This in turn will incite the brain to apply (even if only subconsiously) these proceses to the day to day habits and improve the learning and better understanding of things we thought we already knew.

Go for complex solutions: Why go for simple if you can make your life complicated? Sure we can mostly settle for less is more when it comes to solutions but we can also challenge our brain to go that little bit extra and find a back door to an obvious solution from time to time so that complacency doesn’t start to become an obstacle.

Many problems we encounter in our day to day already have solutions which have been shown to work perfectly and our evolution prides itself with us being the only living beings to use someone elses wisdom to build on it and save us time. However, it is important that we do actualy build on it or find a way to improve the consensus and if not then find out why it works better than other alternatives. Use your brain!
Step out of your comfort zone: The only way we improve is by pushing ourselves to the limit of where we feel cofortable. It takes some overwhelming to overcome the inner resistance to step out of the bubble we have created for ourselves but once we do we will see that we must adapt to the unknown in order to master the new circumstances. The smartest and most mentaly agile people I know are constantly trying out and learn new things, be it a new sport, skill, language or the population of Bogota (10,763,453 in case you were wondering). Start a new challenge today!

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