Sep 16

How to Increase Brain Power

Mind Stimulating Exercises
Making your brain work at solving problems is probably the most direct approach to brain training. It is the equivalent of going to the gym and lifting weights. Here are some examples of what you can do.

Play games / Solve puzzles
Pretty much any circumstance in which the brain is faces with a situation it cannot explain straight away, the body works at establishing the connections in the brain necessary to find a solution. You might already have guessed that chess is a well known game that challenges your capability to use rules to solve and ever changing problem. Sudoku is also becoming ever more popular, more than crosswords which are just as good. However, these are not the only entertaining games that will make your problem solving skills increase. There are sites out there (such as Lumosity.com) that have created a vast range of games designed specifically to boost your brain power.

You can also opt for games consoles which are constantly bringing up new games that are aimed at mind stimulation.

Become ambidexterous
As we grow up, repetition of using one hand over the other makes us feels more comfortable with that particular hand and at some point we no longer learn to use that hand and just do it naturally. However, if we were to suddenly start trying to take on some tasks with the less used hand, we would be challenging the brain anew, causing it to establish new connections between the neurons in order to improve its performance until it becomes just as natural.

Just as when you were a child, this will not improve overnight, but rest assured that after a week of using only your left hand for brushing your teeth, you will notice that you become less clumsy at it and though you might not realise it, this will reflect on other learning skills as well. Push yourself to do new tasks with your less favoured hand or foot and you will be doing your brain a favour by making it work.

Mix things up
Your senses are also a great way to improve your mind power. If you only present them with the same stimuli, the brain no longer has to work as hard to identify and categorise them. On the other hand, if you were to eat new foods, drink other drinks (tasting wines, etc.), experience new smells and so on, you will not only greatly benefit the performance of your brain, but you might also discover your next favourite dish.

Mind mapping
any new task that you might take on will doubtlessly start as a huge cloud of mixed up concepts and ideas that need to be ordered so that they can be applied. A very good method for doing this is to create a mind map which breaks down all these ideas and relates them to one another.

The great thing about this method is that no matter how big the task is, all you need to do is to pick each one from your head and write them on paper in the space where it is most relevant. It doesn’t have to be perfectly accurate on the first try. In fact, you will almost certainly alter your mind map so that it is broken down in the simplest and most complete manner so that you can tackle the individual tasks one by one.

What it all comes down to when it comes to increasing the performance of your brain is to make it work in every fashion possible. Learning new things, experiencing new things and applying what you learn in each step along the way for the next challenge.


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