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May 30

Switch up your driving

If you have been driving for more than a few months, driving will have become a routine. You no longer have to think about the motions you are going through. A great way to challenge your brain to improve it is to make some changes to your driving habits. Drive on the other side of the …

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May 25

Become Sherlock Holmes

Improve memory, awareness and creativity like Sherlock Holmes

When you watch the movies and series of Sherlock Holmes you see how he notices details of the people he meets. He then goes on to make assumptions about these details.  Also, he remembers these details in retrospect. To train your memory you can try doing this yourself. Set an alarm at some random time …

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May 08

Medicines to Improve Memory – A Guide to Making the Right Choice

The brain is considered to be a very complex organ of the body and it performs a whole lot of functions. Like for one, the memory. Memory is the power to be able to retain, store, as well as reproduce all necessary information when required. As a person gets old, there are changes happening in …

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Sep 22

Brain power boosting exercises, habits and foundations

I like to compare improving brain power to getting in shape. These two forms of improvement are very similar in terms of the methods it takes to see results. We can divide these processes into two categories, the equivalent of foundations and bricks of a house. The bricks are the elements that actively build up …

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Sep 16

How to Increase Brain Power

Mind Stimulating Exercises Making your brain work at solving problems is probably the most direct approach to brain training. It is the equivalent of going to the gym and lifting weights. Here are some examples of what you can do. Play games / Solve puzzles Pretty much any circumstance in which the brain is faces …

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Sep 10

How to Boost Brain Power

Coffee is a Memory Booster Numerous studies and debates have been carried out in order to analyse the performance of the brain when it is subjected to the influence of caffeine. The results found in the various studies show that students who took tests right after studying and drinking coffee performed better on average than …

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Sep 04

Power up Your Brain

Over time, it is possible that you start feeling that you start to perform less well mentally. Every day situations it will happen at least four or five times even though you may not notice them or remember later on. It is important that you become aware of such moments as they are what will …

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Aug 28

How to Improve Memory

Unless you have a photographic memory (which I doubt since if you did you wouldn’t be reading on how to improve memory) you will find that you have trouble recalling things that at the time you thought was vital to remember. Our brain only makes an effort to store information it regards as necessary. This …

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Aug 21

Guest Post – Adrienne McGuire

Today we were honoured with a guest post from Adrienne McGuire, writer and editor of the DailyPath. Take it away Adrienne: Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a Memory Improvement Project every Monday. On our Mindful Mondays at DailyPath, we first focused on beginning the process by gaining some mental clarity, creating …

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Aug 16

Let Your Mind Power Increase

It is well known that gray matter does not regenerate. This implies that as we got older and lose many of the brain cells we have today we are losing mental capacity for ever. How ever, the loss of potential of the brain is linked more to the laziness of not working at its improvement …

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